We are delighted to welcome a new contributor to What’s Out!

Muluken Kebede will be writing about Gardening and Landscaping. Muluken is co-founder and Managing partner of ZANA Landscape Design (and Contractor) PLC. ZANA is a pioneer in Landscape design; ZANA, has designed and built outdoor spaces for both private and public use. Muluken’s vision is to make the outdoor spaces of Ethiopian cities, green, clean, functional, inspiring and environmentally responsible. ZANA has designed and built one of the most inspiring and professionally designed Parks in Addis, ASER Park. Currently, ZANA is proposing different public spaces for community use and also working with private investors to create eco-friendly and functional green spaces in Addis Ababa and beyond. ZANA educates clients on how to plant low maintenance (less water) plants, and locally available plants to create simplicity in landscaping and environmentally responsible landscaping work. Muluken has a background in youth mentoring and was an award recipient of the Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders. His love of gardening began as a child when he was just ten.

The greening of Addis and beyond is our passion and the root of our vision to start ZANA Landscaping.  ZANA Landscape Design and Contractor Plc provides landscape design, landscape construction, and maintenance services. Founded in February 2015 by two partners with expertise in horticulture and landscape architecture, we were motivated by a very clear problem in Ethiopia, especially in Addis Ababa: a lack of clean and well-designed outdoor spaces.

Since ZANA was established, we have served clients from diverse areas of the market, including public parks, real estate, residential, organizations, industrial (factories), and offices. We recently designed and built a beautiful public space in the heart of Addis, ASER Park, located on Bole Road .Our clients include:  Gift Real Estate, the US Embassy, Awash Wine, Megabi Skate Park, Equip Ministries.

One of our unique strategies for landscaping is site adaptation. While people typically design and plant spaces without regard to context, we follow natural and smart principles to resemble the space and its microenvironment. For our consultancy and design work in Lalibela and Mekele, we proposed Xeriscaping, which allowed us to use plants that grow well in the area and tolerate the climate, instead of the common trend of selecting plants based on preference that struggle to grow, require high maintenance, and often die. Thus, our spaces are more beautiful, functional, and durable.

A landscaper is a re-creator of the natural environment. And thus landscaping gives us the opportunity and pleasure of re-creating and restoring our cities, houses, and outdoor spaces, which are increasingly losing the green and proper care they so deeply need.  As a business, ZANA focuses on medium- to large-scale projects for the sake of impact and strategy. In addition, our excellent services are ideal for plantation work for hotels, offices, and embassies.

With the recognition of our expertise, ZANA has reviewed the design for Ambassador Park’s renovation project under the Addis Ababa City Beautification Office and also had meetings with the office of the Horn of Africa Regional Environment Center and Network about Addis Ababa’s resilient plan and building several parks in the capital. We organized and participated in different cleanup events, tree-planting, and awareness-creation and volunteerism opportunities to make Addis clean and green.  We have also proposed an urban park project for the Addis Ababa Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to transform one of the nearby forests around Addis into a well-designed and functional urban park for biking, jogging, picnics, and camping events.

One of our goals is to learn from and share the expertise of other countries’ landscaping knowledge through partnership with different international companies and institutions to help us approach the industry with world-class expertise. Thus, we have formed an partnerships with the University of Delaware’s Horticulture and Landscape Architecture Department (USA), Jansson and Sons Landscape Services (Netherlands), and 5 Star Pool and Spa (Montana, USA), who are assisting us with their expertise and advice.

We believe there is a great opportunity to make Addis green, clean, and livable if everyone cares to spend a little bit of attention and investment to make this happen. ZANA aims to be at the forefront of this movement for the flourishing of our city!

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Muluken Nega or Orion Shemeles

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