People spend much of their life on and off a diet and the era of the Internet has made the frequency of that even higher. Nowadays the first place we look for solution to our problems are the various online posts, which sometimes are well researched and written by professionals but other times are posted by individuals who have absolutely no clue about the topics they are writing about. If one is interested enough to search online for a working solution, the first concern should be to check who posted the article and whether it has been backed by any kind of evidence or scientific research. Opinion based articles especially on such sensitive subjects as food should be handled wisely and treated cautiously.  

Here is an outline of the most famous diet program, which has been circulating online for over a year now and which many people are trying out in the hope of losing weight. The first week begins with boiled eggs and grapefruit for breakfast, and red meat/chicken/cheese for lunch and dinner all cooked without any oil or fat, with one kind of fruit (except dates, and bananas).  There are days where you eat meat the whole day and other days where you only eat fruit or vegetables. It advises you never to add any oil to any of your food.  If you look closely, there is a limited intake of any grain product.  Your carbohydrate intake per day is never more than 100 grams.  The diet is very similar to the high protein diet except that they don’t recommend you to using any fat for cooking.

There are some positive sides to this diet such as the consumption of a lot of vegetables and fruits and avoiding oil altogether.  These facts in themselves will help you to lose weight.  Another major aspect of the diet program has you avoiding all grains except some toast. As you will not be eating any kind of baked goods and pasta including rice, noodles, quinoa etc. you eliminate major carbohydrates that most people consume in large portions.  These restrictions force you to cut out your major calorie sources therefore making your weight loss a success.

However, the most important issue to consider in any diet program should be if you will really be able to maintain eating in a similar manner throughout your life. The greatest challenge in my opinion is not losing the weight but the determination and knowledge of how to keep the weight off, that you have worked for.

There are very few people who actually succeed in keeping the weight off.  Whenever you start a diet program it has to be one that you will adopt for life with only minor additions and modifications.  The whole concept of being on an eating plan or diet has to teach you what foods to eat more of and which foods to avoid, what to consume in moderation and most importantly what food combinations to eat for low calorie satiety. In addition, knowing what level of physical activity is needed for your body helps maintain your weight. Follow the right eating and exercise plan for your new lifestyle over a long period of time until it becomes second nature. 



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