Ethiopian Circus Entertainment trains and manages cycles of young and talented circus artists who come from all over Ethiopia. They showcase their remarkable skills, which can result in them then being offered work in Europe, Australia, USA Asia and the Middle East.


Gamo Circus School of Ethiopia, teaches underprivileged young kids from government schools free of charge. The school provides intensive training for talented young Ethiopians enabling them to fulfill their dreams and be able to develop sustainable careers.



This concept is built around the unique vision, skills and experience of Ethiopian-Australian Circus performer Sosina Wogyehu who grew up in Addis Ababa as a child performer with Circus Ethiopia and later moved to Australia where she became an Australian citizen.


With bases both in Melbourne and Addis Ababa, Sosina has toured globally with famed Australian circus Circus Oz. In addition to working with many other companies, Sosina is a graduate of The Australian National Institute of Circus Arts.


Being raised in Addis as a child, Sosina has “on the ground” knowledge of Addis Ababa and its cultural scene and an understanding of the realities of developing a venture of this nature. 


Her dream is for Addis Ababa to become a vibrant hub for physical performance, bringing together the rich traditions of Ethiopian dance and acrobatics with contemporary circus cultures from all around the world.


Consider helping Sosina reach this goal by experiencing the unforgettable world of The Greatest Ethiopian Circus Dinner show: Part circus, Part Moulin Rouge; this entertainment extravaganza and a one-of-a-kind theatrical dining experience plus show includes world-class talent, award winning Ethiopian circus artist dancers and vocalists. The evening will also include drinks, dining and dancing with a sprinkling of glittering Cabaret.


Guests can expect anything from aerialists, to contortionists and acrobats, fire-breathers, hula-hoopers and dancers.

Contact: Sosina Wogayehu (Manager)

AfroOz Entertainment

Gamo Circus School of Ethiopia


Event will be held on Dec 24 and Jan 06