16, 17 November, 2013,  at Serenade Art & Food

The art world in Addis is flourishing and can be appreciated in venues all over the city – art galleries and exhibitions with enough diversity of art here in Addis to suit all tastes! The work of local artists is becoming better known and appreciated – more people want not just to view art but also to buy artwork. There is also much more of a personal connection between artist and buyer and local events held whereby artists invite art lovers to view them at work in their natural environment.

The ‘Big Art Sale’ is the brainchild of Yasser Bagersh, and What’s Out! Addis magazine is proud to organize the unique biannual event along with the Ethiopian Visual Artist  Association.

The Art Fair showcases a wide selection of Ethiopian art and is addressing the appetite of the public at large for viewing and purchasing art. The event is held inside the compound of the Serenade Art House – easy to spot! On view and for sale you will find an incredible selection of original contemporary art starting from 1000 ETB with no piece costing more than 10,000 ETB. The idea behind this event is to promote Better Access and present Affordable Art. By participating in this event you will be contributing to the ongoing revival and sustainability of the local art scene.  you will find artists sitting alongside their artworks enabling you to converse with them and a chance to meet big names and emerging talents face to face.  

This is an artist sale of art sold by artists. 10% of the income will be donated to Our Father’s Kitchen to charity by the artists.

Come along and see for yourself!

For More Info. 0911 711369