Sangam has been a popular mainstay of Addis for residents and visitors alike for decades in a villa on Bole where it opened in 1973; it was the first Indian restaurant in Ethiopia and the first restaurant on Bole road. Sangam rented the property on Bole road from one of Trustees of the Royal Family suggested by the father of Ethiopian Tourism Ato Habesilase. The aim was and continues to be – to bring the most authentic and original tasting Indian food to Ethiopia. Sangam is proud to be the first private restaurant to have catered UN-ECA and conferences from 1980-1990 and during this period it provided catering to  many receptions attended by heads of state and various international official dignitaries.


Sangam customers include Indians, Ethiopians and the international and diplomatic community as well as being frequented by tourists.

Sangam has developed an excellent reputation over the years and is proud of being the strong pillar of the enduring Indo-Ethiopian relationship.


Sangam has a range of authentic dishes from North India with  an extensive menu to choose from including  mughali biryani (fragrant rice), several tandoori dishes and butter-chicken masala. Sangam also has lots of vegetarian options to choose from.


Sangam takes great pride in using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients in preparing food that guests will enjoy and savour. Sangam offers catering services for birthdays, graduations and office parties. Plus a vegetarian and fasting tahli menu from Monday to Saturday lunch time only.


As part of Addis development, Sangam recently moved to a new location next to the old (closed) Hotel de Leopol just next to Bambis supermarket heading towards Urael. There is plenty of parking.

091 121 4183