About the Poet

Poet of the month is Alexander A. Hizikias; he is a graduate of Economics from Addis Ababa University currently running his own men’s wear fashion label called “Alexander Hizikias” based here in Addis Ababa. “I write novels & poems as a hobby and I plan to publish my work, anonymously, when the time is right. This poem was written for someone I lost to drugs & addiction. It is dedicated to all those people who have lost their loved ones due to chemicals and

artificially made substances”.



The Feel

It was breath taking when it began

The reasoning behind the chemical

New optic, indeed irrespective

Of the widely held perspective

Agreement between the new & the old

The old knows much but new is bold

It takes over the wheel and steers right

Right was never right, that left was alright

Flashbacks & regrets, white & grey

A little black stain would work its way

Reality overshadowed by hallucination

It made us a victim of its darkest emotion

A stroll through history avenue was tampered with

Addiction wasn’t in our diction mere a temporary myth

Legends became legends

How long does it take? Until…

Until it makes us forget, how it made us feel