At the end of every month, Bake & Brew in Sarbet, is packed full with people hungry to hear insights on business and entrepreneurship from the latest Mella Monthly guest speaker.


The events started in September 2017, with an intimate crowd of just 23 people gathering to hear Brooks Washington, an entrepreneur building Juniper Glass, a $70M glass manufacturing facility in Ethiopia. Now Mella events regularly sell out, with 200 people squeezing into Bake & Brew, itself a start-up restaurant/coffee shop only one-year old! 12 events on, 24 entrepreneurs and 1,600 attendees, the platform is becoming a staple feature within the Addis Ababa events scene.


Mella meaning ‘solution’ or ‘altogether’ in Amharic, is an apt name for the growing platform that aims to fuel entrepreneurship in Ethiopia. The monthly events bring people together to be inspired around business and to connect with others either running businesses or looking to set up businesses. The events main focus is entrepreneurs and at each event, two are featured; one very successful industry leader sharing how they got to where they are and one young early-stage business sharing their start-up story.


It’s not just events; Mella leverages the power of media to achieve its vision. All the events are filmed and uploaded to the Facebook page. Two shows, ‘To the Streets’ and ‘Ask Addis Ababa’, are also uploaded weekly. The shows focus on what the everyday public think of themes related to entrepreneurship. Monthly, a special feature is done on an extraordinary person who’s displayed impressive entrepreneurial flair. Collectively these videos invite 1,000s of views weekly and bring the topic of entrepreneurship to the surface of the public’s mind.


The audience is diverse. Online, the platforms data insights show the video content is being watched as far out as rural areas of Ethiopia, to the diaspora villages in DC, London and Toronto. The biggest audience however is in Addis Ababa, with many of these online viewers also attending the events. The general crowd at the events are a mix of entrepreneurs, investors, students and consultants coming to network and be inspired. As Mella grows, there are plans to begin a television show, as well as launch an accelerator program.


Ethiopia is at a tremendously exciting point in history and Mella looks to play a key role in inspiring the masses to either be entrepreneurs or at the very least adopt an entrepreneurial mind-set as we all play our part in the growth of Ethiopia.






Phone: +251 94473 6234


Mella is sponsored by Novastar Ventures and DGGF.