LOMI is an association of women entrepreneurs who are producing leather goods and garments here in Addis Ababa. LOMI consists of ten women members who believe that working as a cluster can implement positive change for their individual businesses.

The members named their association LOMI taken from the Amharic proverb “50 lemons, a burden for one person but a jewel for 50”. UNIDO “Technical Assistance Project for the Up-Grading of the Ethiopian Leather and Leather Products Industry”, financed by the Italian Development Cooperation and implemented in synergy with the Leather Industry Development Institute (LIDI) supports gender equality and women economic empowerment through the implementation of specific activities aimed at supporting women-led Micro and Small enterprises which are active in the leather manufacturing sector.

In future editions of What’s Out, we look forward to profiling each of the Ten Designers.

Source: www.lomileather.com