1/ Clay Pot Restaurant is a mainstay in Addis – how long have you been in the Restaurant business?

I first started working in the restaurant business while in high school and university and have been in the business for about 15 years.

2/ When did you first become interested in cooking and what or who inspired you?

I’ve always enjoyed cooking, especially being the grand daughter and daughter of incredibly amazing cooks. When I moved back to Ethiopia, I was unable to find employment in my field; that of Teacher Trainer.  It was by happenstance that my love of cooking came to the forefront when a friend and fellow teacher Azeb Mulatu and I opened Tacana restaurant in Addis.  Since 2013 I have been cooking in Clay Pot, a restaurant I own with my friend Jappi Yilma.

3/ What prompted you to return to your homeland after many years away?

Many reasons; family, to get to know Ethiopia substantively, but primarily it was my need to ensure that my daughter Candace grew up here.

4/ Tell us about your new organic pet food line?

Across the globe, we have to learn to cope with our environmentally compromised and increasingly hectic life.  The value of whole and mostly plant-based foods are imperative for our health and vitality, as well as for our pets.  Like many Ethiopians, I have had dogs and cats and the daily grind of having house staff or myself boil meat can frankly be distressing with respect to the smell and sometimes, unknown quality of the meat.  I therefore decided to find a way to make it easier for people to feed their pets whole foods of a clear healthy and consistent quality.  I created T.M.D’s Pet Eats where we use the freshest meat and vegetables along with eggshells to make food satisfactory even to the fussiest eater. With no artificial ingredients, no soy, corn, preservatives or by-products, the pet owner can be assured my hand packed food is also an immense improvement to heavily preserved canned dog and cat food.  While I co-own Clay Pot, T.M.D’s Pet Eats is my sole business and my kitchen is conveniently located on the 6th floor.

5/ What makes it unique?

Just imagine coming home to a house or apartment and being able to feed your pets without worry and even having your kids participate.  The convenience of thawing T.M.D’s Pet Eats in the fridge or microwave and serving it warm or cold is clearly evident. One can use it as a pet’s sole diet, as part of a rotation, or as a mixer to a less premium product. I appreciate the difficulty of finding wet or dry dog and cat food in Addis Ababa. This concern is compounded during Wednesday and Friday fasting days and during the numerous fasting days and months. The benefit of T.M.D’s Pet Eats is that the pet owner can actually see the quality ingredients in their original form; whole, pure meat and fresh vegetables without any additives or by products.  I also make pet chew toys to help our furry friends with their dental health

6/ What is your future plan for your new pet food line?

Certainly I will expand T.M.D’s Pet Eats business and continue my research into more whole food varieties that are freshly sourced locally, including treats, to serve a diverse clientele.  Additionally, I see T.M.D’s Pet Eats expanding pet products to meet all their needs such as pet shampoos etc.   

T.M.D’s PET EATS: 6th floor landing of the Clay Pot Restaurant in the Mentewab Building between Olympia roundabout and the bridge that goes to Bambis. Last building on the right. Next to WFP office.

Hours: Monday and Tuesday 10:00am -3:00pm

            Wednesday to Saturday 10:00am-9:30pm