Knowing the right plants for the right location is the first important step in having a beautiful outdoor garden. Every outdoor space has its own micro environment. Some outdoor spaces need shade plants, some needs partial sun plants and some areas might need full sun (flowering) plants; that is why when you select plants for your outdoor space you have to put these needs of plants in to consideration.


Before you select the types of plants you want to have in your outdoor space make sure you do some research to identify what does your space needs and can grow.


Mainly check these simple points;

  • What does your space look like, Is it deep shade, semi   shady, partially sunny, full sun
  • What is available in the market to fit in your garden’s   need
  • Does the space need bigger plants or smaller plants, like   ground covers or trees for shade
  • Do you have to put kids, neighbors, pets into consideration

before purchasing the plants

  • Who will take care of the garden, how often (this will show

you whether you should go for high maintenance plant or                           low maintenance ones)


After you have clear answers for these questions then you can select your choice of plants that fits for the location you have planned and are the plants you always want to have in your space.


Note: These are also the question you should ask your gardener if you want to hire a professional gardener to do your garden!


Once you figured out what the space you have needs; asking the local plant shop owners can help to select the right plants. However, doing your homework before you go out to purchase any plant is more important than relying on the provider. Sometimes you might not meet a horticulturist with sufficient plant knowledge to guide your purchase at the plants shop.


If you are picking your plants and planting them yourself, another important thing to consider is the combination effect of the different plants in your space. At the end of the day, your selection of plants should create the beauty you want to have. For that to happen color, texture, form and size etc are important.


Make sure you have some taller plants that don’t grow too big, like hibiscus, Scheffelera, ficus and the like. If your space have at least 4 hours of sun light it is also good to think of some flowering plants.


These are few of the easy growing, tolerant and colorful plants I suggest you can find and grow in Addis Ababa. These plants can grow from partial shade to full sun locations in your outdoor space.