GREAT Holiday Shopping_finds_dec_2013


Addis is filled with great places to shop, some mainstream, some off the beaten track – where you can be sure to find unusual and beautiful items as well as tasty and delicious treats, that will all make wonderful gifts. Consider also the gift of art – a timeless gift to treasure.  Addis has a number of art galleries with a variety of art from local artists – check out website for gallery listings



Our editorial team has been out and about scouring the city for great finds! Here are some of the things we love and want to share:



Beautiful hand woven table linens from established Ethiopian designer shops of  TrioCraft (workshop and shop in Sarris and Olympia)



Negist Ethiopia  (Old Airport)

Salem’s (Bole Medhanialem 0116185604)


Sabahar (Makanissa)








Crocheted necklaces with Ethiopian crosses and other designs and items from Enquies Collection off Piassa  (0912195084 and see facebook page)





Leather bracelets from AddisTrendz

(Bole 0912711147 and see their facebook page)





Wool and Leather design bags

from EndeLeathercraft (0911648589)





Kohar bag from Dename Debera

Unique individual handmade necklaces from Ethiopian materials and beads from T&H Designs (0911977486 Old Airport)




Coloured Gabis from Mela




Hand made bespoke shoes and sandals from Ethiopian leather – choose your own beading design for a sandal! Bermero (0116620802 Piassa)




Amazing colorful scarves woven from silks and cottons  from Suzanne’s (0911616814 Old Airport)




DaboColo bags (add a colourful ribbon to the bag!) from Bole Mini   (0116639898 end of Bole Rd)





Colourful and regional basketware from Salem’s






Pure organic (and no sugar added) Honey from Local herbs and oils from Ariti Herbal (0911202236 Mickey Leland Rd)




Body scrubs made from pure ingredients from Ecopia

(Main shop near La Gare and other stockists 0115546140)