Dear What’s Out! team,

I am happy that you go back your old format with excellent design and articles. Hope you got a lots of email from your readers appreciating you going back to the old format ……..yeeeeeeeeeeeeee happy happy happy……….

Mimi Teshome


Dear Mimi,

Thank you, we are happy as well. It’s great to get such positive feedback as we are all about supplying our readers with something that they enjoy.
Stay happy,

The WO! Team


Dear Whatsout,

I am new in Addis and shopping for many items. Your bulletin board ‘ what’s for sale’ would be more useful if it were easier to read. As it is, the information is blurry, sometimes obscured by another announcement and in all cases very small and often difficult to read.
Yours, A regular What’s Out! user

Dear regular What’s Out! user,

We take onboard your comments and have passed them on to our designer.
By the way, have you checked out Bambis as they display lists things for sale on their notice board from people who are leaving Ethiopia? Also, we produced a WO! Shopping Guide for Addis, which shows the best places to shop for just about everything. Call in at our office for a copy.
The WO! Team