Most events are small and don’t require an event planner. As interesting as event planning might be, it isn’t easy to orchestrate it. How do we help to simplify the basic first step of planning an event? Firsts things first, you need the right venue! Hotels are popping up on every corner of Addis Ababa, so where on earth to start?!


Right here: where you will find lists meeting venues and hotels in Addis Ababa and other African destinations with specific capacity detail of meeting rooms. You will find most of the vibrant hotels listed on the site and more hotels are added as we go. You will be able to visit the hotels’ or meeting venues’ website right from our site.


Since it is completely free for the hotels to be listed, you will soon be able to find hotels in Addis Ababa by just visiting our site. The site doesn’t act as an online travel agent either meaning no commission is charged from visitors who actually make bookings.


Hallpax is an independent site funded by Eshi Events a Destination Management Company working in Addis Ababa, Djibouti, Kampala, Kigali, Nairobi and Seychelles. The target of the site is to simplify the first step of event planning for the majority of events planned in-house.


About Hallpax:

“We believe in sharing what we know. Hallpax lists meeting and convention venues capacity in a precise and detailed manner. As it is free to be listed, we are able to list all the possible venues”.


Contact: Hanna Sebsebe