On the occasion of Europe Day 2018, the Italian Cultural Institute and the European Union Delegation to Ethiopia are organizing a concert on Wednesday 9th May, at 6:30 p.m. with the internationally renowned singer, piano player and dancer Debora Petrina in Be Blind featuring dancer Melaku Belay.


On her new album Be Blind, Petrina focuses on her progress as a songwriter and composer, orchestrating a compact and cohesive opera in which pop-rock is declined in a personal way, putting together suggestions from psychedelia, funky, prog, electronics, classical and choral music; an intense and restless opera, often dark, whose expressive strength resides in the fusion of research and immediacy, density and simplicity.


Be Blind is a provocative exhortation in the comprehension of a reality always more complex, both in the relationships mediated by tools/screens/barriers, and in the confused or distorted reading of the social and political events which determine our life.


But it is also a possible escape route, a visionary blindness which allows to see beyond.