“Ethiopia The Living Churches of an Ancient Kingdom”​ ​the book we highlighted in the January issue from the book launch at the Ethiopian Embassy in London ​has also ​now ​been launched at a ceremony here in Addis by the US Embassy.


As part of efforts to highlight and promote Ethiopia’s cultural heritage, ​US ​Ambassador Mike ​has said during the event “The United States, and my embassy colleagues here in Addis, are honored to work with Ethiopia to celebrate and preserve Ethiopia’s uniquely deep and rich legacy, and to help ensure that this legacy is known, valued, and preserved for the benefit of all of us here today and all of us to come, not only in Ethiopia but across the globe.” ​


The ​photographs were taken by award-winning photographers including Nigel Pavitt, Angela Fisher and Carol Beckwith. The substantive, well- researched text is by Mary Anne Fitzgerald and Philip Marsden, both of whom have written extensively about Ethiopia over the past three decades.

Sources: Ethiopian Embassy UK and US Embassy, Ethiopia​