This is the story of 3 individuals who met in Addis Ababa in 2013. Sarah Teklu studied at the Lycee Guebre Mariam (French school) and works as a French instructor at the Alliance Ethio-francaise. She always had a dream of one day becoming the first “chocolatiere” in Addis!  Samuel Joseph, who studied in the same French school, went to France for his upper studies and lived there for 9 years before returning to his native country to invest. He first began teaching at the Alliance Ethio-francaise the first month he arrived back in Addis. Sebastien is the third French partner; he first came to Ethiopia in 2013 as a tourist but he fell in love with Addis and ended up staying. He was working as a French instructor and a specialized teacher for children with autism and shared an apartment with Samuel. The trio met and quickly became close friends and together talked about their dreams and aspirations; this is how the idea of starting a French Pastry/Viennoiserie Chocolate shop here in Addis came to be!

The next step was to acquire specialist knowledge in pastry and chocolate. So Samuel returned to France to embark on a cake-making course followed by Sarah who returned to France to attend training in a chocolate workshop.

And just a few months later, they were ready to open the first French pastry/chocolate shop right here in Addis. The shop is located on the Churchill road, in a new mall (first floor) right opposite to Lycee Guebre Mariam, their old school.

They also do delivery and catering as well! 091 328 3469

Melka Tower 1st floor, Churchill road