Design Week is a week long cultural and commercial event featuring dynamic displays and interactive events each night all across the city.,  Featuring exhibits and programming spanning several industries, this event creates a hub for innovative design and international trade. 

By working cooperatively with local and international companies the aim is to produce Easy Africa’s largest innovation incubator.  

This multi industry exposition event promotes both commercial and community interests while elevating Addis Ababa’s profile as a global design capital. 

The full itinerary will feature showcases, lectures, exhibitions, workshops, live performances and demonstrations all spanning several industries.

Creative director and Founder Metasebia Yoseph is the face behind Design Week Addis Ababa. 

“Although Design Weeks take place all over the world, they are fairly new to Africa. I founded Design Week Addis Ababa with the goal of introducing design as a problem-solving tool that could sustainably address development challenges and civic issues in Ethiopia through our ‘development X design’ initiatives. 

DWAA event(s) will celebrate the best in design and innovation across sectors in Ethiopia, in order to demonstrate the centrality design to everything… from business, to urban planning and industry. 

My hope is that DWAA will advocate for local creative industries as an un-tapped economic force while officially introducing Ethiopia as a hub for innovation and design and raising Addis Ababa’s profile as a global design capital”.

Follow the Design Week Addis Ababa Facebook page and website  for more updates.

December 7-13