Ethiopia is a big country both geographically and in population with diverse cultures and communities; therein lies the beauty and opportunity of the country.


Our objective is to create a proud and leading brewery group in Ethiopia, through a strong portfolio of highly regarded national and international brands. Our brands include Heineken, Walia, Walia Lomi, Walia Lite, Harar, Bedele, Bedele Special, Sofi Malt and Buckler (0% Alcohol) with a winning work force, and create shared values with the communities in which we work.  At Heineken Ethiopia, we believe in supporting and growing with communities as part of our strategy ‘Growing with Ethiopia’, which means that we have to ‘Walk the Talk’.


One of the areas that we have been working in (since 2013) is supporting smallholder farmers to strengthen the local supply chain of barley in Ethiopia. This has been done in partnership with the Ethiopian and Dutch Governments with EUCORD as the implementing partner in close partnership with the Agricultural Transformation Agency (ATA) and now with IFC as a new partner. This project aims to increase food security, improve the livelihoods of smallholder farmers and reduce Ethiopia’s dependency on imported barley.


This project started with 1,700 smallholder barley farmers in West Arsi and Bale zones in 2013 and during the 2017 planting season had directly supported 24,836 farmers.  In addition, an estimated 30,000+ additional farmers received high yielding HEINEKEN seeds from the farmers who are supported by this program. Due to the new seed varieties introduced by HEINEKEN, production has increased from 2.4 tons/hectare in 2013 to 5 tons/hectare on average. This level of productivity resulted in significant income increases of these farmers. In addition, the new varieties are being combined with Teff grain to produce good quality injera.


Improving health care delivery is critical since most people living in rural communities have no option but to walk very long distances to reach the nearest Health Center or Hospital. In Akaki, Bedele and Finkele, we provided fully equipped Ambulances with an investment of over ETB 3.6 million. Providing ambulances to these areas will support safe transport of expectant mothers to the nearest health center or hospital. Maternal wings have also been equipped with modern and state of the art medical equipment including ultrasounds.


Access to healthcare and water in Ethiopia is extremely challenging especially in rural areas and this is where you will find our community investments. We recently invested ETB 2.5 million to build two block buildings for Shembet Health Center in Bahir Dar. This expansion was critical due to the scarcity of space within the Health Center that was already serving more than 50,000 people. The new expansion will provide adequate space for patient and health care providers and improve health service delivery and the quality of maternal, under-five and adolescent health care services. Most of our community projects we do in partnership with the Heineken Africa Foundation.