In recent years, circus arts have been spreading all over the African continent. Young performers have shown a remarkable aptitude to create a new African circus culture by fusing their rich artistic and cultural heritage with contemporary circus.

Despite its power to amaze and entertain children and elders alike, circus is still poorly recognized on the continent. Unfortunately there aren’t many performing opportunities for African circuses, but ask anyone who attended a circus show, the answer will always be “Yeghermal!” (It’s surprising!)

To highlight the artistic, social, and economic potential of African circuses, Fekat Circus, a social circus established in 2004 in Ethiopia’s capital, organizes the first African Circus Arts Festival. First of its kind, open to everyone and with free entrance, this event will take place on the coming November 27, 28 and 29, at the Addis Ababa Oromo Cultural Center. 

Seven of the most active African circus teams from Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Madagascar, Senegal and South-Africa will participate in the Festival. Addis Ababans will have the possibility to see unique acrobatics, areal, clowning, and juggling acts. All performed with an explosive energy and enriched by vibrant music and dances from all over Africa. 

Next to the performances, the public will have the opportunity to taste African food and drinks, (re)discover African art in the bazaar where a variety of stands will offer fine-looking handicrafts, and even participate in circus classes for free (kid’s corner).

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No animals at the Festival (only extraordinary human beings)!