Whats Out Omnimedia P.L.C

Whats out addis is a popular  and free monthly magazine, which promotes and highlights arts and culture events in Addis Ababa as well as restaurant and business reviews and profiles of people

Whats Out Addis covers a wide range of subjects from health issues to food and recipes.

Whats Out Addis boasts the most comphrensive art events listing and most informative and current restaurant profiles.

Team What’s Out! uses the finest writers, photographers, and editors both locally and internationally

Circulation What’s Out! celebrates the highest circulation of any English language publication in Ethiopia with 40,000 newsletters a month

Readership What’s Out! is primarily English speaking diaspora and the expatriate community in Ethiopia
Distribution Whats’s Out! is distributed extensively around the city and can be found in major and central Addis locations including hotels, cultural centers, galleries, embassies, supermarkets. our website is designed to reach our target groups as effectively as possible

PageSize1-month -2 months per month3-month -6months per month7-month -12months per month
Back Page10.5cm x 28cm 31,821.4128,639.3825,456.62
Front inside left side10.5cm x 28cm 29506.78 25,515.1525,080.83
Front inside right side10.5cm x 28cm 30,506.78 26,565.1526,130.83
Special front inside15cm x 28cm 35,57431,762.527951
Back inside right side10.5cm x 28cm 29.507.525,517.1525,080.85
Back inside left side10.5cm x 28cm 28349.4724,432.9524,055.05
Center triple pages32cm x28cm 56410.250,769.1845,128.66
Full page Ad inside10.5cm x 28cm 18803.0416923.0615,042.36
Half page inside10.5cm x 14cm 10,123.579,112.958.098.86
Quarter page inside10.5cm x 7cm 5890.55,205.64,628.08