Addis List Call Center is the one and only call center in Ethiopia dedicated to classified listings. It uses a short code fixed line for callers to list their new or used assets or properties for sale or rent within the Addis Ababa metropolitan area and beyond. This in turn allows callers to ALCC to contact the listed sellers, renters and property owners directly through their listed contact details. This venture charges no commission and generates revenue via its fixed line from callers on both ends.

Founder and CEO Deborah Kifle, an Ethiopian diaspora from California came up with the idea based on her personal experience and frustrations in her previous business. After several years of business in the construction machinery rental business she decided to bring that business to a close to start a new venture. In doing so she found herself unable to find buyers for her machinery and reluctantly decided to use brokers. This was no easy task as broker after broker made promises which none could keep. In the meantime she was incurring thousands of Birr monthly for parking space until a buyer was found. It took well over a year to find a buyer and because of her desperation ended up selling her assets well below market price. In addition to her loss, she paid an obscene amount in commission, which she will never forget. She soon realized that there were many desperate people like her with assets to sell or rent and buyers and renters desperately trying to reach them. The question became how to facilitate this without paying broker commissions. And so came about the concept of a classified listings call center where sellers and buyers as well as renters can easily, conveniently and without paying commission find one another and conduct trade.

The Company Strategy is to be the recognized leader in the industry of high impact classified listings by providing a direct, speedy, convenient and inexpensive platform for trade and rent between sellers, buyers and renters. The call center aims to provide quality and convenient service in order to build long-term relationships with callers and is able to provide exceptional customer service through customized software and modern technology .

ALCC believes in treating callers with respect and courtesy at all times and integrate honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of business.

To make listings or find listings COMMISSION FREE call ALCC today at 8535! (15 Birr charge per minute)

Contact ALCC directly for further and full information. Contact Info: Tel: +251911511384

Addis List Call Center, PLC Business Address: Bole Subcity Bole Bulbula, Woreda 12 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Number of Employees: 13

Primary Line of Service: Classifieds Call Center