New Journey is a locally based Swiss NGO which means wheelchairs for disabled Ethiopians founded by Swiss wheelchair entrepreneur Bernhard Wissler. He spent 2 years in Addis setting up a workshop for wheelchairs and training employees to be able to run the workshop on their own – the aim of the charity (established in 2012) is to bring wheelchairs that are no longer used from Europe to Ethiopia and to adapt them for local individuals with disabilities. Being mobile means being more independent and addresses the psychosocial needs of disabled individuals. Addis Guzo provides wheelchairs to the poorest members of society and has a fully equipped workshop ready to provide maintenance and spare parts for wheelchairs. A recent initiative has provided a recreational center in the workshop compound complete with a basketball court – for individuals in wheelchairs to come and spend time at the center – meet friends and participate in recreational table tennis and basketball. Many of the men in wheelchairs who visit the center for this purpose are soldiers who have lost limbs during conflicts. Engaging in sports for all disabled people is a multi dimensional aspect of social activity, which members appreciate and benefit from, through the use of these facilities. Addis Guzo has also begun providing income-generating, economic empowerment activities (presently candle and tuaf) for the very poorest disabled people who have no source of regular income otherwise. It is anticipated that more of these activities will be developed in time.



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Located on the AU Road beyond the Traffic Circle on the road leading between Mexico Square and Adams Pavilion