Zoma Museum, an environmentally conscious art institution in Addis Ababa, opens to the public on March 24 2019. Inspired by the timeless vernacular architecture of Ethiopia and other parts of the world, Zoma Museum is built using vernacular and structurally sound techniques based on building materials such as mud, straw, stone, wood and cement.


Zoma Museum is co-founded and co-directed by anthropologist and curator Meskerem Assegued and artist Elias Sime. Its mission is to act as a bridge between artists and architects from around the world to create cutting-edge ecological art and architecture.


Situated on a compound in the Old Airport Neighborhood behind Mekanisa Abo church, Zoma Museum includes a gallery, library, children’s center, edible garden, elementary school, art and vernacular architecture school, amphitheater and museum shop.


The museum opening will feature an art exhibition by Elias Sime, videos, art workshops for children and adults and live entertainment.





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