Zoma Museum (formerly Zoma Contemporary Art Center, ZCAC) was a dream first inspired 25 years ago by the timeless and structurally sound vernacular architecture of Ethiopia and other parts of the world. It is where the old merges with the new. The aim of the Museum is to showcase innovative and cutting-edge art and architecture.


The concept was first introduced to the public in 2002 during Giziawi which was an art event organized by Meskerem Assegued at Meskel Square. In 2003, Elias Sime transformed his house/studio under construction into ZCAC. Co-directed by both Meskerem and Elise, ZCAC is now part of Zoma Museum. The museum has three galleries for wall and floor installations, for video art and for coin collections. It also has a library, childrens center, giftshop, restaurant, amphitheatre and a large garden to walk around. The garden has edible vegetation, fruit trees, herbs and a variety of indigenous trees. Next to Zoma Museum is Zoma School, an extension of Zoma Museum. The school is an edible schoolyard kindergarten. Read our separate article.  ZOMA Museum and Contemporary Art Centre (ZCAC) is an environmentally conscious art center.


In this context, Zoma Museum is built using ancient yet still existing construction techniques. The building materials include mud, straw, stone, wood, and cement. The construction technique for the main building is known as wattle & daub or Cheka Bet (ጭቃ ቤት), The construction technique for the main building is known as wattle & daub or Cheka Bet (ጭቃ ቤት), where straw and water are added to red subsoil every three days for three to four weeks until it be- gins to ferment and smells like vinegar. Stone is used for the foundation, stem wall, irrigation, walkways, free standing and retaining walls. Most of the walls are made without mortar. Wood is used to make the ceilings, floor, doors, and windows.


Both the school and the Museum have wheelchair access to make this a place to be appreciated by all.



Mekanisa, Abo Mazoria, Near FBI church



Email: zcac@zcac.net

Telephone: +251 942169189