Africa’s rich and widely diverse cultures are expressed through arts, crafts, folklore, religion, dress, where each product, reflecting its unique characteristic, is tied to place, suspended in time. Africa’s deeply-rooted and diverse cultures have inspired an online, high-end, jewelry range, Yenaé, that has recently joined the world of fashion and beauty. The exquisite jewelry designs fuse African culture with a twist of contemporary styling.


Created by two Ethio-American women entrepreneurs,

Felekech Zewde Biratu and Seble Alemayehu, Yenaé (pronounced Ye.Nay) journeys deep into African tradition seeking out the beauty of the past. And each jewelry design reveals a story, informed by African historians and storytellers, in effect, a curated collection.


Yenaé made its debut in 2018 by introducing its Ye’Tibeb collection, featuring the great heritage of Ethiopia and Eritrea. The collection, with its focus on consistent high quality, offers 14 carat gold and rhodium-plated pieces. The jewelry line is also hypo-allergenic that is free of nickel and lead, is hand polished, and hand finished.


Since its launch, Yenaé’s ‘versatile wear’ design concept – where a piece of jewelry has multiple ways to be worn – has become popular. As a result, well over half of the current collection can be worn in more than three ways, making every dollar spent, worthwhile!  With this innovative design, Yenaé has established a footprint in the United States. And this year, it proudly launches in Ethiopia at the exciting and vibrant 2019 Design Week Addis Ababa.