Editorial compiled by Arabella Stewart from conversation with Mikal Kamil of HubCity Live and information from HCL


There has been quite a bit of speculation about the location of the real Wakanda after the Black Panther blockbuster film release earlier this year and there are some compelling arguments in favour of it being Ethiopia.


Today unbeknownst to many is the coming together of development (seven years in the making) of a real Wakanda in Ethiopia to be located at the Nile River where it intersects with the Blue Nile River…. A private sector Ethiopian/American development team (supported by both governments) is currently working together and planning a real HubCity Live Ethiopia; a futuristic technological innovation city, near the village of Tis Abay near Bahir Dar.


Not only does Wakanda (the hidden mountain kingdom and technologically advanced wonderland) in the Black Panther film clearly resemble Ethiopia but the chosen location of Tis Abay also bears a close resemblance to the waterfall scene in the movie. When Mikal Kamil (Project Visionary and co founder of Hub City Live founded in California) was sourcing the right location, he knew instantly that it had to be Tis Abay.


The three-mile site is comparable to “Wakanda and panoramically, it’s the perfect environment as well as blending the ancient tradition of the Blue Nile with breakthrough innovation. From a travel perspective, the Blue Nile Falls and the Blue Nile River are also considered popular tourist attractions and maintain historical importance to scholars and enthusiasts of ancient Cushitic and Kemetic history, mythology and civilization.


HubCity Live is a one of a kind, experimental, Afro-futuristic metropolis. The futuristic city project focus is on social and technological diversity. A real Wakanda can be a place where Ethiopians, African Americans and all People of Color can dream their vision and actively build group self-esteem with an emphasis also on females playing pivotal roles. Developing a real Afro-futuristic dreamland in Ethiopia would mean a lot to the global African diaspora.


To sustain the Afro-futuristic city economically and drive job creation, the development and technology team will work with the Ethiopian and U.S. governments to build and hire a local cyber security workforce of young Ethiopian professionals.  The Ethiopia Innovation Theme Park will also serve as a hub for empowering women in tech and building the next generation technology start-ups.


Science and Technology Minister Dr. Getahun Mekuria stated that the project is “very necessary for our country and will have great advantages to improve lives and creating job opportunities for the youth”. The Amhara Regional State Government is interested in supporting U.S. interested parties to build HubCity Live anticipating that the region will benefit from cultural, technological and economic growth and the stability of the national economy.


When we talked about the project, Mikal Kamil was filled with positive enthusiasm excitement and anticipation as plans get underway for development of this ambitious technological futuristic ICT city. Mikal is convinced that Bahir Dar is the ideal place from the perspective of environment, geographical and historical location and importantly the welcoming people and region.  This innovative project is estimated to cost two to three billion US dollars and to be completed eight to ten years.


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