Introducing two sisters with an amazing talent for artistic beauty and imagination, they are passionate, skilled and dedicated to creating unforgettable and special events.


Mindful of the growing interest of creating events that are both attractive and affordable, they have embarked on a journey that covers all of life’s events. Using specially designed Paper Flowers, they use them to provide unique decor for bridal/baby showers, wedding celebrations, birthday parties and similar events.


The Unique Décor team is talented and imaginative in being able to creatively craft paper flowers to suit your own individual interests, passion and love that will exceed your expectations!  In particular, Unique Decor loves to show you the beautiful art of creating paper flowers; each event matters because it’s all about you!!


To make your moment special and unique, Unique Décor creates beautifully crafted paper flowers blended with eye catching stage designs and décor at amazingly affordable prices; you are guaranteed to get the most out of this creativity and commitment.


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Anytime you need us, Unique Décor can be by your side to assist you on your special day or one for your loved ones!