As we get into June, Addis will likely get wetter.  The main rainy season, known as the Kremt, does not start until 3rd July (Senay 26) according to the old church calendar , but as any Addis resident knows it seems to start in June if not before!


But remember Addis is wetter than the north of the country, while we get torrential downpours during the day in the capital, if you head north the rain becomes less and most likely at night.  Off course the higher up you go the wetter it is, so June is not a great time for climbing mountains.


If you can put off a Simien trip, or Abuna Yoseph until the next year, maybe good to do so.


There is one mountainous area that is still good to visit and that is Bale. In Bale the peak rains come in October and April, but remember that Bale is so green because it is wet and it can rain at any time of the year (although Nov-Apr are pretty dry).


So although it rains in June its is quiet with few other tourists and you can stay in the comfort of the Bale Mountain lodge which is set up to host guests in comfort at rainy and cold times.


The rooms have wood burning stoves, and there is something about being in the rain forest and seeing swirling mists, and then for the sun to emerge on the emerald green landscape. The forest dwelling lions come out of the forest in the rainy times too, but you are more likely to hear them bellow or roar than to see them. If Bale is on your list of places to see, and it should be, then June is a good time to visit.