“This trip to Addis is not my first trip (May for FullHouseAddis performance); I have been here a lot (maybe 7-8 times) when I was I child, but I haven’t been here for over 7 years now.


I was lucky because my mother suggested I should take piano lessons as a kid. At first I didn’t like it, but after a while it became my passion.

I‘m very very proud of my Ethiopian heritage. I cannot wait to finally explore the Ethiopian culture even more as an adult. I’m also lucky to speak the language, which will help me a lot. I have a lot of support of my family and I’m very thankful for that.”


Born in Frankfurt, Germany, currently living in Berlin, DJ & Producer Temry got in touch with music early playing the pianoasachild. Fast forward a few years later and that’s when he discovered his real


passion in music which was Electronic music. Since then, he began to produce his own unique sound by creating a fresh, innovative & groovy mixture of electronic sounds combined with other genres.


All this and yet he is still only 21!

Temry has an expanding fan base of recognition and currently he has over 4000 Instagram followers.


To follow Temry and to find out more check these links:


https://instagram.com/ temrymusic Https://Instagram.com/ choochoopromotions https://Facebook.com/ fullhouseaddis