Arabella Stewart


Sabegn is an exciting new concept space which in addition to its own leather products now profiles and sells new Ethiopian Designer collections including art and fashion attractively displayed throughout the rooms and courtyard that make up Sabegn, creating a pleasurable “mini mall” shopping experience but there are no mass-produced items on sale here! It is a unique “one stop shopping” experience for customers to find a variety of products that are also reasonably price all in one place!


Sabegn produces and sells fine leather products from bags to shoes and their leather artisan employees produce their own trademark items on the premises during the week, which customers can observer when they visit. Sabegn is high-end leather product manufacturing & trading company here in Ethiopia (since 2011).


The space showcases individual creativity including artisans actually making jewellery, needle art, rope baskets and wooden containers, unique recycled paper accessories (including What’s Out magazines!) carpets and more. The launch event (April 21) highlighting different artisans demonstrating their craftsmanship and showcasing their products attracted an eager crowd – during the week the artisans themselves will not be on show because they will be producing their items in their own workshops or at home; however, their products will always be on sale at Sabegn. An important aim for Sabegn by providing its space to other artisans is to be able to connect producers with customers. The store works together with number of Addis community suppliers and provides them with vital access to the local and international market with very little cost.


Sabegn also plans to offer their unique space for artists to be able to use as a regular platform such as the Tibeb Fest (April 28th) and in addition to the pop up shops that Sabegn supports, at the Fest there will be Music, Fashion, Poetry as well as Food and Drink. “I personally believe there is a lot of struggle (for artists) to show their work, especially if they are new and just getting started here in Ethiopia. Maybe Tibeb Fest could become that platform for the Arts in Ethiopia” says one of the Tibeb organisers Betelhem Abebe, Fashion Designer & Poet.


With strong partnerships both within Ethiopia and Internationally, Sabegn has a vision to be a market leader that puts social responsibility at the forefront of its strategy.




Bole Tele (opposite Sapphire Hotel)

093 540 0988