Project E is determined to make an impact – a lasting one. Empowering Ethiopian women through education doesn’t only help those individuals but the entire society.


Increasing the skill and knowledge level of women is their ultimate goal in order to enable graduates to live independent and self-determined lives.

The goal of the Hospitality Institute of PROJECT-E is to provide a promising foundation for girls from humble backgrounds and without any professional prospective.


The program takes two years and is based on the Ethiopian Occupational Standard. After graduation, the students obtain the “Certificate for Hotel Operation Level 2”. During the two years, Project E works closely with the girls to also educate and support financially and personally; they learn how to be independent, to live with other people and to lead self-reliant lives.


Through weekly English lessons, students expand their vocabulary and grammar as well as their self-esteem. Thanks to a combination of basic courses in the hotel field and in social skills, the girls have the opportunity to develop their potential and to become competitive employees.


For PROJECT-E’s first year students it has been an exciting end to their academic year as they embarked on internships at some of Addis Ababa’s most prestigious hotels in April and May 2018. These hotels include Hilton, Capital, Kuriftu, Beer Garden, Harmony, Nexus and Golden Tulip among others.


It was especially challenging for the students as they were no longer comforted by the collective presence of their peers – although they remained roommates, most of the young women had their internships at different hotels in Addis.


Polishing cutlery, laying tables and serving guests a variety of food and drink – these include the range of tasks that the students have been trained in at Project E. Overall, the students enjoy the social interaction that any job within the hospitality sector entails: communicating with guests from all over the world and being able to make new friends with their co-workers has been a positive experience for everyone involved. Overall the internship has been of great value and positively received as the young women gain a huge amount of experience that will be pivotal in securing future employment upon graduation.


If you would like to sponsor a woman on the road to employment through Project E or you would like to hire an apprentice, please contact the office in Ayat:

Tel. +251 116 390 303