“Poetic Saturdays is a platform where amateur and aspiring artists perform or present their work and to support local artists without any language, age, type of work or content limitations.” said Biniam Getaneh, one of the organizers of the event.


 “Poetic Saturdays started in April 2016 and expanded to Hawassa being the first platform to branch out of the capital on a regular basis.” continued Biniam.  “Making Fendika Cultural Center (the only cultural center to be owned and run by a local) its central home, Poetic Saturdays takes place on the first Saturday of every month from 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm. Currently there is a lineup of 20 different types of artists performing and presenting upon registration on the day at the door.“ concluded Biniam.


The vibe at Fendika for Poetic Saturdays is something special. Whether it’s your first time being there or you have been away for sometime, it always feels like you belong there. Performers take the stage one by one and cover a diverse range of topics; everyone has a voice and here they use it well! There is no shame about raising a controversial topic. You just present your take and then your topic is open for discussion among the audience. You can tell that the writers feel at home when they present their work.


Young, old, experienced, amateur, local, foreigner – Poetic Saturdays offers just the right amount of everything. Punch lines come from the audience when poets/artists perform and display the closeness of the Poetic Saturdays family.


The in depth topics raised by the speakers make you think twice; you laugh and you feel pain and it feels as if you are experiencing everything for the first time even though you’ve been there before!

Poetic Saturdays is run by different artists from different backgrounds and include:


Biniam Getaneh who is a poet, media and communications professional. He serves as a host and organizer.

Hanna Haile is a poet, filmmaker and social worker. Her bubbly personality and down to earth attitude suits her well when she hosts sessions.


Chris Turnbull-Grimes a poet and is experienced in organizing fundraisers and working with different cultural groups – he hosts Poetic Saturdays with an energetic presence.

Tsion Fisseha is a poet, marketing and communications professional.

In November 2018, Poetic Saturdays had the opportunity to participate in the first Pan-African slam poetry competition “African Cup of Slam Poetry” in Chad.


EthioCreatives would like to thank the members of the Poetic Saturdays family for creating this breath of fresh air for every literature enthusiast every month. We hope Poetic Saturdays will be around for a long time ahead as remain our visible hideaway from the stress of day-to-day life.


Source: Daniel Sahlu from www.ethiocreatives.com

Email: ethiopiacreatives@gmail.com

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