The new Tesfa Calendar that runs from Sep 2018 – Aug 2019 (ie Ethiopian Year 2011) is now in its 12th year and is ready! This calendar is unique in that it details the Ethiopia dates, holidays, saints days, fasts , Islamic holidays and more onto a western calendar month format. So you can see on 11 September it is Meskerem 1 2011, you can see it is a public holiday – Enkutatash (New Year), its also Yohannes – (John the Baptist’s) Annual saints day and Al Hijara- Islamic New Year … not to forget its the monthly Lideta Mariam (birthday of St Mary) day.


This goes along side stunning photos that will make you want to get out of Addis! The Tesfa hanging calendar – promoting the community treks or fly over from where ever you have the calendar and see this beautiful country. The photos are taken from the Tesfa Community treks across the north of the country (the Agenda has photos from other additional places too).


This year the calendar comes in 3 versions:

The traditional hanging calendar (29cm across ands 53cm down)- 12 months with 13 photos.

We ask a donation of 200 birr to help support the Tesfa communities who have guesthouses around the country hosting visitors enabling them to walk through their beautiful landscapes.

The desktop version, like the hanging calendar but smaller to fit on your desk (20cm x 17cm) – same pages – with photos facing back and dates forward.

We also ask the 200 birr donation for these calendars.

New and exciting this year is the Agenda (approx 21cm x 15cm) in portrait format, has 1 week to a page and so 53 pages (52.14 weeks a year) – running from Monday to Sunday on each right hand page, and with a photo to match on the left hand page. The agenda will also include a map showing where the community tourism guesthouses are located.

For this agenda we ask 400birr donation – however if you buy 3 we will ask only 1,000 birr!


The calendars are available from our offices at Kebena, but we will also have copies at various locations around Addis, notably ICS, Sandford School, German School.

If you would like to hold copies to distribute in your organisation please let us know.


For further information call 011 124 5178 / or email