Autism isn’t a mental condition, but rather a developmental disorder. When discussing with peers of the autism community, I realize that we all share a similar experience about autism. Here is how.


When autism invites itself into your household, two parents react, but differently; things happen; breaks up your family, challenges your faith, your ability, and shatters your dreams.


But when you’re an autism mom, you chose to stand tall, pull yourself together, gather up your intelligence, collect your strength and what’s left of your faith to help your child.


Rarely, but mostly, dads or male partners slips into denial, blaming your child and the world for bringing autism into his life, mothers on the other hand, forget there’s life happening outside of their home and selflessly devote themselves on trying to perceive autism that made their child’s body a home; holding on to the smile of their child as a glimmer of hope.


I remember a mom saying once; often and specially with ASD* kids’ emotion is intertwined with their moms’ emotions. What mom feels ASD child feels.


I, personally, chose to live my son’s world, seeing the world through his understanding. His world is animated, it’s tangible, it’s often in three dimensions and sometimes in four dimensions.


When he reads books; I follow his thoughts through his explanations; the book he is reading pops up with characters, actions are exploding right in front of his eyes, sounds are pulsing, rapping, splashing, chiming, melodies are trebling, soaring, humming.


I see him enjoying his readings when he makes associations with other events he had experienced. One might say; he’s distracted and can’t read with attention, or can’t focused on the book. A chapter does indeed takes him hours to finish. He is loud when he reads and so unconventional, he is always excited to discover and to share his experiences.


I see people being uncomfortable with his excitement but isn’t life exciting when you see it in a different dimension? He learns differently, he understands differently but reach the same goal as we do; navigating the world the way we all see it: unique and individual perspective.


The neurological disorder that we witness in the autism world is maybe a discovery of a new innovated world and yet untapped. As we don’t know it we are comfortable to classify under «the autism box. » Autism; taboo but riveting if you think about it.


My son made me discover his world and it’s a fascinating one.


*ASD: autism spectrum disorder