In 2005, former Ethiopian fashion model Mesgana Gbereregzihabher turned her back on the glitz and glamour of the cat walk and chose to create a shoe making business, creating significant job opportunities in the process.


The Mesgana shoe company enterprise was established in 2006 manufacturing handmade shoes specialising in handmade and different colours and styles of leather sandals and shoes and soles made from recycled car tires and rubber soles – with the capacity to produce 100 pairs of sandals or 60 pair of shoes per day.


Mesgana Shoe is a family–owned business and at present employs 3 family members and 30 workers (95% of the employees are young women). Currently there are 15 shops within Addis Ababa that are selling Mesgana shoes.


The company sells approximately 2,000 pairs of shoes per month.

and has also started exporting to Ireland.



“Our products are fun to wear because they can be immediately recognized for their style and comfort and they go with what one is wearing either bringing an outfit together or standing out and making  a fashion statement”



Tel: +251 910 31 99 01