New Year is for most of us, a time for new resolutions as the New Year starts; “I’ll stop smoking, I will start exercising, I’ll become a CEO, I’ll start my bucket list, I’ll stop drinking coffee, I will start a program to loose weight” …


On another note and in another world; adults ask their kids “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Every year or every other year, kids change their idea about the kind of “profession” they will pursue when they become adults.


I personally never liked this question but for sure I was ambitious enough to want to become somebody! But I never thought I would become an autism and biomed mom.


Our annual resolution is “little wins have big impacts”. I remember less than a year ago, a person asked me “Where do you see your son”?


The question took me by surprise as being as one of those parents of a child with autism who struggles every single day; I certainly don’t see the future today, even though it scares us. Then I gave my response which didn’t please that person at all: “Well, I teach my son using all the opportunities in life and tools in school and elsewhere so that he can reach his full potential and I am still doing that”.


The facial expression of that person went from shock to disappointment and the discussion that had begun about how to understand an autism mom, stopped there, as they never wanted to hear about the reality.


My point is that in our autism world we don’t wait for New Year to make resolutions; we do it on a daily basis. How about we learn a word today, how about we learn a concept tomorrow, how about we learn how to use a fork the following day… that’s our daily resolution!


Wish you all a New Year full of hope and healthy outcomes.