With so many global baby clothing brands produced in Ethiopia and made from Ethiopian textiles, but always only exported abroad, this really frustrated Leleje brand creator Edom Tesfaye. It also prompted the notion that why shouldn’t Ethiopian babies have their own  “export quality” brand of clothinbg produced right here in Ethiopia! The notion that Ethiopians locally never have export quality items to choose from has long been an annoyance for many Ethiopians here in Addis. Perhaps it is not widely known but in fact Ethiopia has long been sourcing the world’s most popular brands made from local textiles and yet locally Ethiopians are not benefiting from it…


Leleje’ is the Amharic word that means “for my child” and it is every parent’s proud first word uttered after holding their precious new baby. After having her own first baby, life became all about leleje’ for new mother Edom (born and raised in Addis) but she was frustratingly faced with dressing her in westernized clothing (usually very expensive as well)!  The choices did not feel “Ethiopian baby”….


This is how Edom developed her own idea of creating a brand that is 100 percent Ethiopian – produced for Ethiopians, by Ethiopians and made from 100% Ethiopian textiles offering a quality local clothing brand and complying with high level of “export quality” standards. In the beginning the clothing brand produced was basically baby bodysuits made from 100 percent cotton and created with tender loving motherly care with cute printed Ethiopian graphics. The company then began to offer knitted products made by women from low incomes including single mothers and women who had suffered trauma to help these marginalsied women to earn a living and enable them to rebuild their lives again. These women use creative and traditional skills passed down to them from their mothers. Lelege sources their cotton (main textile used) from local vendors who meet their quality standards.


Leleje is proud to be an Ethiopian brand helping to raise happy and stylish kids right here in Ethiopia! Mothers of all babies will love the designs, the soft cotton and affordability – it is a great way to help support the local economy too – #buylocal.


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