Lebawi Academy came to fruition with the idea of closing the gap between the potential of Ethiopia’s youth and their limited access to quality education. It is a high school, established with the primary objective of helping every student unleash his or her fullest potential; with the belief that all life has meaning, purpose, and direction. The aim of education is to help each student find his/her individual expression of that purpose.


Lebawi aims to inspire, develop, and nurture leaders who live examined lives and act upon their inner sense of responsibility for oneself, their country, their continent and the world-at-large.

The academy aims to lose the gap between potential and access; there are a lot of very intelligent/smart young boys and girls in Ethiopia – however, because most of them do not receive a quality education, their talent is not developed and nurtured.  Lebawi Academy focuses on every child’s gift and helps her/him to release their full potential.


Contrary to the criticism of modern education made by experts, such as Paulo Freire about the “dehumanizing” aspect of modern education, Lebawi has designed and implemented a human-centered high school curriculum.


Lebawi’s curriculum incorporates “Best Practices” from around the world, and their signature approaches such as Course Integration and Curriculum Plus, are based on an overall strategy of a “Locally Robust, Globally Connected” education.

Now open for students in grades 9, 10, 11, and 12.

The Academy also holds Information Sessions every Saturday from 10-12 for prospective students and interested parents.  It is requested that appointments to attend these events are made in advance via the contacts below.



Kibur Adera, Dean of School




Panos Hatziandreas, Head of School