Gojo Cooks aims to teach its customers the rudiments of basic staple Ethiopian cooking. That means how to cook injera (including the pouring), how to make Shiro and how to do the Coffee Ceremony. You might thus just assume that its target market would be curious or adventurous resident ferenjis and the odd visiting tourist with an interest in Ethiopian cuisine. Do not forget however that there just  could be a few Ethiopians out there who have always assumed that the above skills or tasks were not suitable for those of their gender and might even be tempted into joining a Gojo Cooks lesson.


Gojo was started by a multi talented, Piazza born and bred lady, Ms Genet Mengistu who has already had highly successful careers in other fields. Leaving a job with the UN she took Montessori teacher training and rapidly established herself as  one of the top KG directors in the city. She became the first Director of Rispins International Schools and she ran her own Pink Tower KG in Bole for several years before deciding to swap careers.


Genet enrolled in a very intensive two-year part time course at Lion Tourist Industry College and within a few months of qualifying had again established herself as a leading figure amongst Addis City guides. This success was from a mixture of her passion  for the city she calls home and a burning desire that visitors should know more about it. Tripadvisor customers were enthralled both by her top level people skills and her outstanding knowledge of Addis.


She was headhunted by the 2014 founders of the first Addis food tour outfit – Addis Eats now Goaddistours, again classified by reviewers on Tripadvisor as one of the top tour companies (now running City, Market, Shopping and Food tours). Genet started out as the head guide and then the Manager of this highly successful, organisation. It was Genet who first came up with the brilliant idea of taking tourists to the more local Shola Market where they get no hassle and a genuine Ethiopian market experience, instead of to Merkarto. Next the idea of founding Gojo Cooks arose. So if you fancy the experience of learning how to make Injera and Wot from a native , just get in touch with Genet at Gojo and  pay a visit to their Ayat operation…Ethiopians of any gender, with no little or cooking experience are as equally welcome as novice or inquisitive ferengies !


Genet Mengistu

bamytsega@gmail.com 0910666029

Frank Rispin: Addisadvisor. Senior Destination Expert. Tripadvisor Ethiopia Forum.