HannySemere and IkramZakir are the young Ethiopian students behind Enpov. Enpov is an intercontinental social enterprise that helps smallholder farmers of the developing world to transport food, crops, water and people in the most convenient and affordable way possible, reconnecting them to markets, schools and opportunities. Enpov solution is to sell the design of renewal-energy based (biofuel) vehicles and to facilitate the environment to exchange the fuel that power those vehicles. The team started with a group of 4 students at Hult IBS: Patricio Julian Gerpe(Argentina), HannySemere (Ethiopia) ,IkramZakir (Ethiopia), CusmaanDahir (Djibuti).


Team #Enpov are finalists of this year’s $1 million #HultPrize. Enpov made it to the 3rd place gaining access for a second chance to get into the accelerator by competing in an online wildcard. Should they win, they hope to invest the capital in developing #RenewableEnergy vehicles that smallholder farmers in #Ethiopia can use in their day-to-day lives. The Hult Prize (http://hultprize.org) is one of most important social enterprise competitions in the world. It is known as “the Nobel prize of students”. Backed by not other than the United Nations, Bill Clinton Foundation and the Hult family. Each year the competition calls thousands of college students around the globe to build sustainable projects that are capable of impacting on the lives of millions. In this the challenge is to build a sustainable social enterprise that harness the power of energy to transform the lives of 10 million people by 2025. (http://www.hultprize.org/current/2018-challenge/) (The challenge is also aligned with UN SDGs)


Hult Prize finals are in the UN headquarters in New York city. The event will be hosted by former president of the US, Barack Obama and the prize include a seed capital of 1 million dollars. In order to get to that stage, teams around the world have to compete locally in their universities first. Enpov, for instance, won the first prize out of 24 UG and PG teams in the local competition at Hult IBS London by unanimous decision of judges. After the local competition there are 15 regional competitions around the world that only access winning teams from local competitions.


In November 2017, the team travelled to Ethiopia to conduct field research with real farmers. In February 2018, Enpov travelled to Ethiopia once again (thanks to further sponsorship funding and a crowdfunding campaign). This time the technical designer and senior inventor Alejandro Mele, came who built a new prototype taking into account feedback received from farmers and institutions.


SOURCE: www.enpov.com