Throughout modern history, English has been one of the major languages of the world. English has spread through colonization, technology, entertainment, and education. Today it is the lingua franca of business, hospitality and modern education and is essential not only for job seekers and students but also business owners. The rise of globalization demands business people across the world to surpass language barriers. Currently, English has become the primary choice of second languages. It is the only language that has more second language speakers than native speakers.  English is the tool that allows Ethiopian businessmen and women to make profitable business ventures with organizations in Europe, Asia, Middle East, and the United States. It is what enables students and professionals to pursue better education across the globe.

The proliferation of language schools and the increase of one to one tutoring shows that Ethiopians understand that English is necessary to grow their businesses, gain successful careers, and attend quality education. English proficiency examination is the first hurdle in the long process to attend western universities and gain scholarship opportunities. ABH Services has seen the need for an affordable, convenient and on-demand English proficiency exam. Therefore, ABH has partnered with iTEP international (formerly Boston Education Services) from Los Angeles, California becoming the sole distributor of iTEP Exams.

iTEP is the most affordable, convenient, and on-demand internet-based exam in the market. The exam is available in multiple modules including iTEP Academic, iTEP Business and iTEP Hospitality. In the season of application and scholarship deadlines students need the convenience of an internationally recognized exam that can be scheduled within 3 days and promptly get their results within 2 days.  iTEP is accepted at over 700 US universities and Colleges.

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