Rural women and girls, both young and old (including pregnant women) spend literally hours each day carrying water long distances in heavy containers weighing 40-50 pounds.  While most of us have water at turn of a tap, most Ethiopians do not have that luxury.


Although these women can be seen on every road within Ethiopia, we also see them in Addis Ababa with the yellow “jerry cans” ubiquitous for transporting water. There may be a communal tap serving a community but often there are long walks to and waits to fill your can and more than one trip a day is needed to provide all the daily water needs of one family. These heavy containers are usually carried on heads or backs, which over time can cause skeletal problems including deformity and disability.


Aqua Packs, designed and produced by Amour Leather in Addis Ababa, holds the typical size jerry can in a durable, comfortable backpack with padded and adjustable shoulder straps.  The Aqua Pack helps disperse the weight more comfortably. When not used transporting water, the pak can conveniently also be used to carry groceries so it has a useful double purpose and will ease the


Zemen aka Amour and (Founder of Amour Leather) devised this ingenious and innovative design. “The reason I created the Amour Aqua Pak is because I believe we should look after our community. Fashion is not only about glamour; I feel strongly that fashion can also be a great platform to bring great impact to our community.


Change begins in our small factory and we are proud to have built our company around this moto. Together we want to spread hope and create opportunities for more Ethiopians” Amour is a company producing high end and colourful products whilst creating job opportunities that empower Ethiopian women and improve the quality of their lives.


These paks have so far been distributed to girls in the Omo Valley through American entrepreneur Lori Precious who initially raised the funds from friends and contacts to be able to produce and distribute as many Aqua Paks as possible, but that was just the beginning – thousands of girls across the country could benefit and organizations and NGO’s and/or individuals could donate to this great cause or raise funds to help ease the load for more girls; it is a simple act of generosity that can help these girls instantly.


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