Mitsui and Co. Ltd, the Japanese electric auto manufacturing company recently launched an assembly plant in Ethiopia for its electric car



The company conducted a successful trial for a three-wheel electric car in Addis Ababa. It has invested around $10 million to operate the project including the costs of installing facilities and labor in Ethiopia, according to Hajime Miyake, E-Trike Manager of Business Development Department. “E-Trike will have huge importance to reduce environmental pollution and hasten the trade relations between Ethiopia and Japan,” he said. The car has five dedicated batteries, each with a capacity to go 80kms with a single charge.


The company indicated that E-Trike consumes 7.3-kilowatt electric power per hour, according to the state news agency ENA. It can ride 80 kilometers after fully charging its battery for six to seven hours. The company’s official also stated that the battery will have a lifetime of one and half year and can be replaced by other fully charged battery. Ethiopia’s Minister of Transport Dagmawit Moges who attended the launched also indicated that the electric car launched by the Japanese company is in line with the green economic policy and creating job opportunity.


Japanese Ambassador to Ethiopia, Daisuke Matsunaga said the vehicle is very convenient for Ethiopia.The Ambassador said that the E-trike car is produced in consideration of mountainous roads of Ethiopia.

Transport Minister Dagmawit Moges appreciates the initiative of the company saying the technology can reduce gaps, which have been seen in the transport sector. The electric car will support the green economy strategy of the country and it is important as it fits with Ethiopian environment and geography, she added. She also noted the importance of establishing an assembly plant in Ethiopia, as it helps to create employment and technology transfer. She further stated that the government of Ethiopia will provide the necessary support to the company to supply the product with competitive price to the domestic market.


The price of the car and when it will enter into market has not been revealed.