We all eat cooked food. So, what could possibly be so bad about cooking our food? Does something in the food change when we heat it?

Whenever a food is cooked, whether it’s on a stove top, in an oven, on a grill, in a microwave, or in a fryer, not only does the molecular structure of the food become denatured, deranged, and/ or degraded, but those molecules are changed into new chemical configurations (this is a bad thing) and carcinogenic and mutagenic byproducts are formed. The degree to which this happens is dependent on the cooking temperature, time cooked and method of cooking.


Grilling, barbecuing, smoking and frying are the worst offenders, but steaming also affects the food. That’s because heat destroys nutrients, especially the water soluble vitamins like vitamin C and all the B vitamins. The heating of food also destroys the food’s enzymes, the oxygen and water content of the food is drastically decreased etc. Even the fiber in food loses that sweeping-like action in the colon.

The heating of food also creates toxic byproducts. Thus we consume these dangerous byproducts daily, every time we eat cooked food. Keep in mind, when heating even the most common cooking oils, such as olive oil, the heat denatures the oil molecules.


What happens to the body when we eat cooked food? Let me summarize:

Accelerated aging, lowered pH and free radical formation, weakened immune system, overworked and enlarged pancreas and other organs, intestinal toxemia, unfriendly flora build-up and more difficult digestion, toxic waste accumulation and plaque build-up in the blood and colon, malnutrition & deficiency of important nutrients, depletion of the food’s life force (cooking literally kills food; its bioelectrical energy is destroyed. After cooking, the food is considered “dead.”), increased risk of diseases of all types ( the cooking of food, especially at high temperatures, literally burns away the anti-disease and anti-cancer properties of food. A diet lacking in raw veggies has been implicated in everything from breast and colon cancer to heart disease, diabetes and even arthritis).


Shall we take baby steps and make some positive food changes and eating less cooked food. Let us begin slowly by increasing our raw food intake. Over time, you will start to feel the difference, your skin will glow and your body will thank you with great health.

In Health,

Dr. Dawit Mengistu