A typical day at the Seeds of Africa school in Adama, Ethiopia begins with 210 young students ranging from ages three to twelve years gathering for a flag raising ceremony, where students present a poem, song, or speech to their peers’ applause.  During the school day, the students are encouraged to work on creative projects of their choice. Some choose arts and crafts, some work on science experiments, and others are social innovators, working on projects to solve problems they come across on a daily basis. All of them have fun: for them, school is a place for creativity, critical thinking, and learning the value of community development through collective action.


Seeds of Africa is a non-profit organization committed to investing in Ethiopia through education and community development programs.  Atti Worku, Adama-native and former Miss Ethiopia, founded Seeds of Africa in 2008. With its headquarters in New York City, the organization’s two flagship programs Seeding Education and Sowing Community aim to provide students, families, and their larger networks with the resources they need to support themselves and reinvest in their local community.


The Seeding Education program operates a full-time school and summer program in Adama. The school is free to attend, and serves students from families living in poverty. Seeds of Africa’s holistic model for education includes meals, school supplies, uniforms and general health care for their students.  Currently a kindergarten and elementary school, with goals to eventually offer education up to twelfth grade, Seeds helps students develop creative problem-solving and socio-emotional skills—critical skills for the children’s personal development and for the greater good of the community of Adama. Atti Worku hopes to replicate this model in other African communities, too.


The Sowing Community program provides courses in adult literacy, small business literacy, and micro-loans to empower the mothers and grandmothers of the school’s students. To date, Sowing Community has directly caused a 40% increase in household income for 175 women in Adama with thriving local businesses like souks, injera baking, and hair salons owned by Seeds of Africa school parents and guardians.


Perhaps one of the most powerful aspects of the Seeds of Africa Foundation is the spirit of social innovation and community they’ve instilled in their students. Seeds of Africa is working to nurture the next generation of leaders in every field who will use their creativity and problem solving skills to be beacons of hope for their community and country.

To learn more about Seeds of Africa, you can visit our website at www.seedsofafrica.org, and connect with us on Instagram (@SeedsofAfrica), Facebook (Seeds of Africa Foundation), and Twitter (@SeedsOfAfrica)



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