Arabella Stewart


We all know (and love) Injera and Wot but some people may not be quite so aware of the additional delights of an Ethiopian breakfast so I am pleased to promote Chaka as one such place.


A charming converted villa (the owners childhood home) retaining its garden and trees and an integral and attractive part of the outdoor seating area is where Chaka is located. There is street parking and Chaka has its own parking lot.


In addition to various egg dishes, home made yogurt and Teff waffles, their less familiar local specialties include:

Chebchebsa, which is a classic, starts off as a large flatbread called Kita. The kita is then torn into small pieces and mixed with berbere and spiced butter until it is moist and soft. It is delicious and can be prepared with either white or dark teff flour.  You can eat it on its own as is or it can be accompanied with scrambled eggs and/or honey drizzled on top. A sweet and savoury meal in one!


Ful is a dish made with mashed fava beans popular in many Middle Eastern and other African countries including Egypt and Somalia. Ful can be served with tuna or with eggs, yogurt, chopped onions and tomatoes and hot awaze sauces.


And needless to say, Chaka (meaning forest of trees) serves great coffee. Always busy and very popular, it is a great urban café to consider for your next breakfast or brunch. There is also an extensive lunchtime menu including sandwiches and pasta.


Contact: 0113710028/710029 or 0911202888

Owner Beserat Belay speaks English

Located on EU/Mickey Leland Street (closer to Haya Hulet end)

On the right side of the road heading down the road (towards Atlas Hotel junction)