HOHE literary awards started in 2017 whereby an annual award is presented to an author of a distinguished book possessing notable literary merit and critical perspective and illuminating important contemporary issues. The HOHE Award highlights just a few of the many good books with broad appeal published in Ethiopia.


The award also recognizers those who have contributed advancing the reading culture, including media houses, book critique professionals, organizations creating reading access to disabled people, individuals involved in advancing education and a lifetime achievement award dedicated to recognize exceptional individuals that have contributed in advancing literature in the country.


We are pleased to announce that this year we will be including children books written in Tigrigna and Afan Oromo. The first two years we focused on creative writing and this year we include academic writing relevant to the Ethiopian context and written in Amharic. To recognize and appreciate the role of social media in creating aspiring authors, we will include unpublished essay writers on social media (Facebook) as a new category for this year award. Here are the detailed categories for this year


• Best Amharic, Tigrigna and Afan Oromoo Childrens Books of the year

• Best Amharic Novel Book of the year 

• Best Amharic Poetry Book of the year

• Best Amharic Academic Book of the year

• Best Amharic Essay on social media of the year

• Life Time Achievement Award

• Access to books for people with disability

• 2-3 Individuals or organizations recognized for contributions to improving the reading culture


The theme of the third HOHE Award is “Celebrating Diversity Through Ethiopian Literature” and the awards ceremony will be held on September 8, 2019. 8 September is an international literacy day celebrated by UNESCO annually. HOHE Awards is focusing on improving Children’s Reading skills through promoting and celebrating books written for children.


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