A few years ago you could count the number of good bakeries around town but these days it is hard to keep up with the number of new Bakeries and Artisan Cake Makers emerging in every part of the city! Here are just a few that tickled our taste buds (in no particular order)!


  • Occasion Pastry Shop is run by Mahader who trained and worked in the USA and Dubai as a chef and baker; it is a light and spacious café across from Bole Medhanialem Church and provides light bites all day but specializes in breakfast pastries and a range of cream cakes (white forest, black forest and how about a Tiramisu Cake (!) plus special occasion decorator cakes as well as delicious vanilla cheesecake on a chocolate crumb base (their best seller) and all her creations are “Baked with Love”.

0943424242 and www.deliveraddis.com


  • Cake Studio Addis – If you desire a stylish themed cake for a birthday or any celebration then Fitsum is the baker for you! Incredible hand crafted cake sensations are works of art as well as tasting equally delicious beneath the colourful and unique designs. At the end of May, The Cake Studio opens its first café in Ayat! The Cake Studio caters for weddings, engagements, birthdays and corporate functions.

0930 007766 – fitsum.thecakestudio@gmail.com


  • Olivia’s Pastry Café

This café is located near Edna Mall on a side street across from Bole Medhanialem Church and bakes cinnamon rolls and pastries oozing with creamy custard. You can also order wedding and celebration cakes made to order from Olivia’s.  Attractively furnished with tables and chairs or sofas, this is a cosy place to linger in off the main beaten track.  Italian/Ethiopian Olivia is the owner; she was born and raised in Ethiopia only with time abroad for her studies.

0912 500774


  • The Bake Shop: Semra is the owner and chief baker and makes artisan home made cakes “spiced and baked with love” without any artificial additives plus she uses seasonally available local ingredients. As The Bake Shop is a catering business based in Ayat, you can order from them via Deliver Addis or sample their products at various outlets around town: Sabegn (Bole Medhanialem), Blended Cafe and Tryst Cafe (Olympia), Delmela (Millenium) Effoi Pizzeria (Sarbet, kazanchis, and Ayat locations) and packed cookies are sold at Novis, Friendship and Garamart supermarkets.

0912 114704 and www.deliveraddis.com


  • Pain D’Epice/The French Baker is run by married couple Samuel (from France) and Pera (from Addis) and for the last few years it has become a gourmet mainstay; located across from the German School in the Aware area of Addis. They acquired their skills from running a successful restaurant in France before relocating to Ethiopia. From croissants (of course!) and cream cakes they have diversified their menu to include Dulce de leche and passion fruit cheesecake their delicious piece de resistance (!) as well as a full menu of lunch specialties and other gourmet delicatessen items for sale.

0944 260136/0915 733509 and on Facebook


  • La Patisserie is a delightful French patisserie/café located in a central part of Addis on Menelik Avenue across from Meskal Square junction and Stefanos Church. Rahel, Cordon Bleu trained in London, is the owner and head pastry chef. In addition to the café, La Patisserie supplies other outlets with her creations. If you are craving Key Lime Pie then head straight for La Patisserie and enjoy the creamy taste of tangy lime cream on a flaky piecrust. Plus fruit tarts, chocolate tart and custard cake.

098 380 2303 and www.deliveraddis.com