Bruktawit Tigabu is the creator of the popular Ethiopian children’s television show “Tsehai Loves Learning” and she has been recognized as a 2018 Outstanding Social Entrepreneur of the Year by the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship. Brukty was recognized for her great work in leading the wonderful and creative Whiz Kids Workshop team in producing fun educational programming for Ethiopian children. Bruktawit established Whiz Kids Workshop in 2005 with a mission of contributing to the benefit of children through educational media, with an emphasis on low-income, marginalized, or vulnerable populations in particular.


Whiz Kids uses television, radio and print media to disseminate educational messages in seven local languages with an emphasis on early childhood and early grade education, healthy behavior, literacy and gender equality. Its flagship international award-winning program, Tsehai Loves Learning, reaches up to 5 million television viewers every week and an estimated 10 million radio listeners!


At the event, Brukty thanked USAID for their support and spoke about the importance of Public Private Partnerships. “Tsehai Loves Learning demonstrates public private partnership, where an idea becomes part of a systemic change,” said Brukty. “Organizations like USAID have provided us with technical and financial support for the production of Tsehai Loves Learning over the last 5 years, Ethiopian Television provided free air time for the last 10 years, and the Addis Ababa Education Bureau integrated Tsehai Loves Learning into the school curriculum. These visionary organizations took a chance on social entrepreneurship as a means to greater good for our society.”



Sources: USAID, British Council