Unloading the toxicity burden and detoxification will help to improve the daily life for kids on the spectrum.


Exposure to EMF-WIFI:

We came up with a few tricks to avoid extensive exposure to WIFI and EMF. Set a time in the evening to automatically switch off all electronic devices including wifi; mine is 10:00 PM. Put all devices on “airplane mode” and away from your bedrooms. I found an alpha disc that “protects” from WIFI waves you could place it on the modem or anywhere in the home. Additionally, reducing screen time of my son to once a week for couple of hours has made a difference.



Make your own “hygiene supplies”:

Toothpaste, body lotion, body gel, hair soap… all have direct contact with our bodies. We use just a few ingredients to make our own supply. Shea butter, baking soda, and coconut oil are our main ingredients. Browsing online will provide many recipes but make sure that the recipe is applicable to your specific needs. It took us time to devise our own fluoride free toothpaste; it was messy and frustrating to find the right measurement and recipe but it was possible. We did not use any packaged tubes; even the label states our ingredients in case any exposure has altered the healing property of those ingredients.



There are many ways. Plus we could use all the methods and ways to detox. Alternate methods; set a weekly or daily plan.

Why detoxification:

Detox pathways should be improved with a clean diet and reducing the burden of toxicity. Extraction of toxicity would be boost with self-care. Kids on the spectrum detox minimally and according to the nutritionist Julie Matthews “ children with autism and neurodevelopment delays often have reduced detoxification capability due to poor methylation biochemistry and low glutathione levels (our major detoxifier)”


Warm bath… Foot bath…

Taking a bath is the one of the many best way to get detoxified. Our skin is the largest organ for optimal absorption as well as the elimination path. My son takes a bath every other day.


I am all for using a footbath to detox rather than a full body soaking. You can alternate herbal, Epsom salt with magnesium, clay and essentials oil soaking. So, during the week your child will benefit from all ingredients you make plans to use. If you are too tired to do it every other day, make sure your child take a bath or foot bath once a week (or twice).



We’re fond of open air and outdoor activities such as hiking, riding scooters, bikes, or take a mineral dip in salt natural water such as the ocean or sea; outdoor activity is very beneficial to absorb pure O2.

Juicing… and tea

We hear about so many juice detoxifiers in health programs. Make sure the combination of ingredients is adequately selected; meeting your child’s needs. Our selection is green juice rather than other juicing protocols. We have to take into consideration sugar, phenol and salicylate source vegetable and fruits that we can’t take in high consumption. When a detox happens too fast, die-offs (herx) could occur – herbal tea can also aid the detox and healing process. Alkanized water is preferable. (Read more under Water below).



Using a binder absorbs toxins and helps extractions through stools. The most popular used as a dietary supplement is food grade charcoal. Making sure your child has bowel movement every day even twice a day will ease the process of detoxification.


Essential oils

We would need an entire article to lay down the benefits of essential oils. It is widely used for inflammation, detoxification, healing and even cleaning your home. The most popular oils used in our household are: frankincense, ylang ylang, peppermint, cider wood, thieves, lavender, cloves, tea tree, eucalyptus … We have an app and a manual to guide us on what to use and when it is needed. We use coconut oil as the carrier oil to facilitate absorption and avoid direct contact to the skin. The brand that I use: Doterra, Young Living, Ariti Herbal Products (Mikey Leland Street 091 140 6972)



We want to drink as much as possible during the day. Alkalinized water is better when possible and we found a trick; a squirt of fresh lemon in a glass will suffice our daily water intake. Lemon is an anti-oxidant but I needed to ensure that my son is tolerant to citrus. We don’t serve water during mealtime; it would not help digestion and in fact deplete any mineral absorption.


Your child grows through learning healthy habits; this helps to establish an agreeable temperament which results in an independent life of self care.